Part 1 - Plug in MODFI-7

  1. Place your MODFI-7 on a stable surface preferably with a wall behind it.

  2. Plug MODFI-7 into the wall with the included power cord.

  3. The status light on the back of MODFI-7 will illuminate

Part 2 - Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Ensure the speaker is in setup mode by confirming the LED is flashing white (2 times quickly followed by a pause). If not, hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the LED is solid yellow. The ModFi-7 will restart and the LED will flash white 2 times quickly. If speaker has been plugged in for some time, unplug speaker and plug it back in to ensure setup mode is enabled.

  2. On your MacOS device open the Wi-Fi menu from the toolbar

  3. Ensure your MacOS device's WiFi is turned on and connected to your home Wi-Fi network

  4. In the "New AirPlay Speakers" menu section select your MODFI-7 (may be called LC_1XXXXXX). If you don't see "New AirPlay Speakers" visit the troubleshooting section below

  5. On the screen that appears select your home Wi-Fi network from the dropdown list and rename your speaker (if desired). Click Next.

  6. The speaker will connect to the WiFi network you selected in Step 5.

7. Your MacOS device will confirm setup is complete. If you receive an error, try again. You can also visit the troubleshooting section below.

8. Now that Wi-Fi setup is complete you can stream music to the MODFi-7 using Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect

Using Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect

Apple Airplay

Activate Airplay Menu in your preferred music app by clicking the Apple AirPlay icon and selecting your MODFI-7:

Spotify Connect

  1. Open the "Devices" menu and choose your MODFI-7


If you don't see "New AirPlay Speakers" in step 4, try the following:

  1. Unplug speaker and plug back in

  2. Once the speaker starts up, ensure LED is flashing white 2 times quickly followed by a pause. If not, hold the reset button until the LED turns yellow. The speaker will restart and the LED should now be flashing white 2 times quickly.

  3. Turn your MacOS WiFi off and back on again

  4. Ensure your MacOS device has the latest version of iOS:

Additional Notes

For step by step instructions on using Airplay on a variety of devices visit:

For details on Spotify Connect visit:

Please note: Wi-Fi networks with a “splash page” that require you to tap a button and/or accept terms and conditions before connecting to the internet are not compatible with the ModFi-7 and AirPlay products in general.

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